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Would you consider this child abuse?

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Yesterday was terrible! My mum "beat me up" if you want to call it that.

She said to me that I have a terrible attitude,
"I don't couldn't give two f*cks about anything" - quote.
Shes gunna kick me out of the house(she did for a night, last night)
Ring the police on me.
I'm a disappointment, a failure.
Blah blah blah.
Loads more thats too personal I don't want to say.

She pulled me up from the sofa by my hair
Slammed me against the wall and held me up by my neck
Slapped me
Pushed me onto the stairs, I fell on my knee (hurt like a b*tch) and then pulled my hair again, a bunch of hair actually came out.
I'm coverred in bruices and cuts today.

I woke up to her kissing my forehead crying...

Would you consider that child abuse?

She doesn't know everything I've been through.
Rape and other sexual abuse.
I suffer from depression and I have an eating disorder (she knows about the e.d though)
I'm not saying I've been through hell. Because I know a lot of people have been through worse. Thats why I always put a smile on because I think people think I am over reating.

Shes not normally like abusive.
She hit me when I was little once.

Shes quit smoking so shes abbit... Yanno
Why she was so angry was because she found weed, cigarettes and alcohol in my room
Also my e.d (bulimia) she found me being sick.
She said she was going to kick me out of the house because of that. I've stopped it all thuough.

Not much else to say I guess. But would you call that child abuse???

Thanks so much for reading. Sorry its so long.