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"Im sorry" she cried, lying half-conscious in the cold, sterile hospital bed. Tony, placed his hand on her face "It's ok. Its ok" his soothing voice was failing to calm her. Ali's face was blotchy and red. embarrassed she had been caught. devistated at her condition. he placed his hand on her thumping belly and tried to smile. "He's still mine... isnt he?" she cried harder. "I could never do that to you" suddenly, her breathing slowed, and her head tipped to the side. "Ali?" he called. no response."ALI?!" silence "Somebody help!!" he cried out, echoing in the understaffed halls. Finally docters and nurses rushed and pulled the curtain around her and pulled Tony out of the room "NO! ALI! PLEASE WAKE UP!" he pleaded and cried, being pulled out and away. feeling alone and desserted, he thinks back to himselfabout what he could have done to avoid all this.