Would it be worth it to learn how to type "correctly" instead of the hunt and peck method?

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Being able to type touch without looking at the keyboard can be the difference between a job and not job. Hunting and pecking is ok for some jobs,but for office jobs you can really make a difference if you can type fast. It opens the door for other possibilities. Worth the effort in the long run.

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it is TOTALLY worth it. thats what i do. it allows you to take notes while looking at people, and you can type MUCH faster if you master it

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yes, faster typing. no smashing the keyboard with each peck. My mom hunts and pecks and it drives me nuts.

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amen lol

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absolutely and you can download free typing software to help.

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It is difficult for hunt and peck typists to change to touch. The problem is that there is not an immediate payoff. If you start touch typing there will be a long period where you will be slower than you are now. It is hard to force yourself to touch type when you know you can type faster going back to hunting and pecking.
In the long run you will be better off learning to touch type. You will type faster and more accurately. The longer you have hunted and pecked the more difficult the the transition will be though.

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The hunt and peck method is more effective really.. I dont personally think that learning to type correctly is worth it

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