What other type of multimedia player instead of vlc can i dl?

Every time I dl some movie the audio wont seem to work. I was suggested to d.l. the VLC. But my friend just told me that it is easy to hack a person if you dl the VLC. So I need another multimedia player whom can work just as well as the VLC and that is for free.

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you can disable that and also firewall block it

VLC will only need access to the internet for the check for updates feature...

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well he works with computers&cell phones for a living. He told me it was because VLC is a streaming server.

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your mate is a n00bsauce... lol

VLC is the best player out there and is not easy to hack...

where did they pick that up from? I've used VLC since it was released and I've never been hacked ;)

carry on using it because its safe ok :)

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