What is worse: saying something and wishing you had or saying nothing and wishing you hadn't?

Answer #1

Depends on what it is, If it’s something that can harm someone dont say it but if it’s something unharmfull that you really feel you must say say it.

Answer #2

i would have to say saying nothing & wishing you hadnt….because i am the type of person that doesnt put up with sh!t especially BS…when someone does me wrong I say it….unless that person hurt me really bad & i knew that there was no point in saying anything because they saw it their way only & i wasnt going to waste energy when karma would get them for their wrong doings!

At a point in time i used to just try to keep the peace…so i would hold everything bottled up inside then say damn it, why didnt i just tell them off…today i know better…you do something wrong on purpose to hurt them deliberately you suffer the consequences…karma is a B!atch…that’s all there is to it!

Answer #3

I choose keeping my my shut, rather than saying something I shouldn’t have. Less harm is always done with silence than with flapping lips.

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