Is it just me or is the world getting filled with more and more fakes?

Answer #1

Nope, its not just you

Answer #2

:] its hella annyoingg

Answer #3

Nah, not just you. Seems like everyones fake nowadays -_-

Answer #4

What are u basing your question on?! Is it possible that the people you are getting to know simply fake? It’s true that today’s society are less into emotional feelings & more into their own ego’s…but cant judge a book by it’s cover…not all are fakes. They may just be hurt, by past relationships…they might even be immuned to the whole /cry situation, eventually when hurt too often you tend to get tougher til you feel nothing & turn as cold as ice…(unfortunately) but that again isnt being fake, if anything it’s being real…just not in touch with their emotions.

So what is your definition of being “fake” in ur words, through ur eyes?!

Answer #5

I’m the last person to judge a person, cause i have been judged by many people. Fake through my eyes: are the people who say they are one thing but truly they aren’t that person they say or act as.

Answer #6

I would have to agree, I am as real as they come…I say what I mean & mean what I say…as for judging, I know what u mean people will always judge…that is life!

Answer #7

Everyone has some fake in them, but don’t pay attention to the people who have a completely different personality than they really do.. just ignore them, and try to be as real as you can.

Answer #8

yeahhh ohweell:]

Answer #9


Answer #10

personally i agree with temptress….. and people will always judge.. when i saw this topic im like wow another fake peson talking about fakes….. but i know its wrong and i dont intetionally think anyone is fake untel i truly know them… and it is wrong to judge but everyone does it… i dont announce it, it just passes through my head… and its something i cant stop, because maybe im jelous or i see someone who looks good and i wish my gf looked like that or something… judgin by the cover of a book is really bad. i.e. you might not like someone just because they wore a miniskirt like a slut one day or took off a shirt to show of muscles, mostly because first impressions always stick to the back your head like a piece of gum… and the miniskirt is also one of those things that is very judging because it just some clothing that sluts wear.. then suddenly people think anyone who wears a miniskirt is a slut….

Answer #11

I do to. Personally I see lots of my friends trying to be “somebody” and end up just being another person to join the never ending line of fakery. I think it is the desperate need to fit in to the vain, beauty fueled industry that we live in today that causes lots of fakery in the world. Everybody wants to follow the current trends and in the end they forget l about being an individual and they don’t have their own style. In the end, there ends up with more and more fakery and people who are individuals end up being seen as different and weird. Unfortunately this can have terrible results!?

Answer #12

No offense, but you’re 15. I dont think you’re old enough to be experientially comparing today’s world to any other time. Also, people are very rarely actually able to spot whether anything is truly on the rise or a decline (too many cognitive biases). Given that I doubt anyone has actually done a study on this, I dont think anyone can say for sure. Also if you really want to look at individuality, the present time has more individuality than at any other point in time. Mostly because there are choices now. Back in the day there weren’t a 1001 choices of what to wear, what music to listen to, what tv shows to watch, what car to buy, etc etc. Choices have increased with the fact that we are living in a time where more people can afford more stuff. I dont think fakeness is on the rise. People have always been fake.

Answer #13

right back to my topic…. how do you know that you know much more than me about the old days?? i may be younger but im not stupid… for all you know i can be smarter than you.. i may be more educated or something… its highly unlikely but you never know so dont try to judge me please and thank you

Answer #14

It entirely depends on what you see as fake. I believe every girl has the right to do whatever they want with their body, wether its getting fake nails, fake hair, fake boobs, fake whatever. I mean fake to me is when some ones personality is fake.

Answer #15

i agree it is cuz kids now are doing whatever they have too to fit in or reble agensted there parents or for some to stand out, a fake is when u become somthing your not,

Answer #16

Thanks, but yeah I just think that fake is when people say are the people who say they are one thing but truly they aren’t that person they say or act as. It’s really bugging because we should just be yourself and the people that dont care are the ones that matter and if people have a problem with your personality than that’s their problem

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