list of employers who hire convicted felons in houston, tx

I am looking for a list of employers who hire convicted felons in houston, tx.

Answer #1

good luck on that there is alot of us on here tring to fine a job who have felonys and cant fine one

Answer #2

I have been trying to find a truck driving job since my release 4 months ago from TDC, I was only locked up for 22 months, and I have over 18 experience driving tractor trailers,Flatbeds,Dropdeck,Tanker,Dry Van. I have hauled Pipe,Oil,Liquid Pulp,Steal,you name it. I had a job for about 3 weeks at Bright Truck Leasing, but they fired me after Penske took over and they saw that I had put down that I had a felony on my record, but I’m still trying and at 48 it is really hard, so if any one finds something,please let me know. Thank you.

Answer #3

I know I need a job to it iis like we pay for our crime for the rest of our life first we do time in one way or antoher and then we can’t get a good job no assistance or nothing it is like they want us to do the same thing over asnd over no wonder they have revolving doors thaqy are the ones who is doing the spinning it is a shame

Answer #4

I cant believe how they treat us how do they expect us to change if we cant get a job!

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