How do you work out the exact value of 63.81 ÷ 0.18?

Answer #1

63.81/.18 = 354.5.

Answer #2

First you have to turn them into numbers without decimal points. Multiply em by 100 so u get 6381 /18 And then divide it. You’ll get the answer.

Answer #3

It’s the same answer?

Answer #4


Answer #5

So you don’t need to multiply it by 100….

Answer #6

Iam gonna give it a shot coz this has messed my head up as .18 to me means 18/1000 and it has thrown me…from my head i would do this…63.81 / 100 =0.6381 so that /100 is 0.006381 which is 1/1000 of 63.81…now devide your 1/100 which is 0.6381 by 5 which = 0.12762…now - the 1/1000 x 2 which is 0.006381x2 = 0.012762 which needs takeing off the 1 /5 figure of 0.12762 which is 0.12762 -0.012762 which = 0.114838

But not on my calculater ….so i aint got a clue.

Answer #7

She said she wanted to solve the sum without a calculator. Unless u find it easier to solve it without multiplying by 100:/ I find it easier after removing the decimals..

Answer #8

Sadly that is incorrect. Instead of going down places, you should have gone up like Aditi. You lost me when you started dividing by hundredths places. Would you care to elaborate?

Answer #9

I didn’t understand this at all:/

Answer #10

Me neither.

Answer #11

There I solved it. Using Aditi’s way.

Answer #12

Hopefully you can understand.

Answer #13

If you are dividing a big number by a smaller number ( specially in this ratio), you will have to get something way bigger than that decimal, around 300 times. It’s like saying 10 divided by 2 is equals to 0.203242. It’s just impossible.

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