Why do i have to work harder to get the same credit as my sister?

why do i get yelled at for my sisters mistake? why do i get yelled at for accidently “burning food”? why do my parents hate me? how can i get away? i cant take it anymore the emotional abuse is too much

Answer #1

Are you older or younger.. im the younger one and when i was your age i thought i was always getting in trouble for everything. and my brother never got in trouble.. i thought of running away a lot when i was a kid. i think everyone thinks it once or twice.. if it for sure was not your fault, you need to stand up for yourself, dont yell or scream be respectful and go up to your parents and tell them how you feel.. that you feel depressed and emotionaly abused by them. and feel that your being punished for stuff your sister did..

Answer #2

yeah when i try that all they say is im being an overdramtic teen and yeah im the younger one (middle child actually) i cant talk to them because they wont look at my side of things….my side of things are always stupid to them

Answer #3

Your the youngest one so your perents are pushing you harder. Some tend to do that, they want the last one to turn out like the first one so they push it even harder because they don’t want to go wrong or nothint. They are traying to help you and to just make the best of you. Best thing to do here is to try to do your best, but don’t go to a point where you can’t take it anymore, do things at your level, meaby you wont feel as high as your sister but you will know that you are giving your whole potencial.

Answer #4

ya my cousin had that prob there were three sisters.. the older one was perfect, the middle one got blamed for everything and the youngest they just ignored..

if youve tried to talk to them respectfuly and if ur trying to be good, you know doing chores and not acting out.. there isnt much i could tell you.. do you have anyone you could talk to like a teacher.. or a doctor.. if your depressed over this seeing a doctor would be good, they would talk to ur parents .. parents are more keen to listen to other adults like teachers and doctors.. ?

Answer #5

I am sort of having the same issue at this moment. I wish I could give advice….. Its severe emotional abuse when you feel like your parents are out to get you. :*(

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