Will my sister be able to help me get rid of my baby?

my sister said to me that because I only 13 she can make me get rid of my baby if I was having a baby is this true

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come on think about it your the mother its your choice not theres so stop listening to there bull crap...there just blowin hot air

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your sisters isn't exactly correct, she can help you make the decision of whether or not to keep the baby but she can't decide for you. It may be a different case if she is your legal gardian, but if you have parents who are in charge of you they are the ones who can either decide or help you make the decision.
hope it helps

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no one can make u get rid of ur baby

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your a child. . . . wait till your an adult to have a child.

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no wait, i dont think she can. not without your legal concent.

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how old is your sister?

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