What do you think of the wood flooring you can get at the dollar store?

I have been wanting to redo the floors in my house and I’m trying to figure out if its any good… or if I should go more expensive.

Answer #1

Do you mean the linoleum? I didn’t know there was wood there! But my grandma got the linoleum from the Dollar Store and it worked pretty well… it’s easy to lay and has lasted 4 years so far..

Answer #2

I don’t know of any wood flooring at the dollar store. Great idea. What a $1 for each box. I like it. About wood flooring, as far as I know Home Depot and Lowe’s have good prices for self installed wood flooring. The only problem is you need a table saw to do the finishing bits. And a jig saw for the door openings.

Answer #3

To be completely honest with you, I’m a firm believer in the saying “you get what you pay for”. Although I don’t know the prices of that kind of flooring in all stores, I think that most of the stuff in the Dollar store isn’t exactly at the same range in quality that you’d get if you bought it somewhere else. Does it work? Yes. How long is it good for? That’s the only problem. You won’t know until it’s installed and used.

I personally would rather pay a little more, then wasting money and possibly needing to replace it again when it could have been done properly the first time.

Answer #4

Its actually ten to twelve dollars a box. And its at Freds but I didn’t know if there was a Freds in very many places. It is kind of like a dollar store though. Is there any way else to do the finishing bits? WE don’t have a table saw!

Answer #5

Yeah its wood panels that snap together.

Answer #6

I would imagine it’s not of very good quality…no lasting value. Find out which brand it is, and what model/type it is, and look it up on the internet. For a buck a box, tho….you’d have a nice for for a couple years…

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