Why won't Sims 3 Generations work ... still?

Ok, i’ve tried trouble shooting and re-installing it…still does the same stuff (barely any interactions..and interactions that came with the game wont work) Dx help me PLEASE. i really want to play and this is driving me insane ):

Answer #1

I have no clue what that is but it might just be your computer. Try on a different one?

Answer #2

Does your computer meet all the requirements? You can check here http://funadvice.com/r/bgfdl03ldpa it will run a testfor you to see if your computer meets the requirements for your game.

Answer #3

Maybe it is your computer that isn’t allowing the game to work. Also, the sims 3 website is always bussy maybe there website has an error

Answer #4

you do realize not all computers can play sims due to it being to slow or too fast might not have a sound card or 3D card could be all different reasons, so im guess if you want to play it you need a different computer with all the requirements it needs

Answer #5

yes i do realize that, it was an issue due to an out-dated mod. it’s fixed now.

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