Can you still use cheats in sims 3

Can you still use cheats like on the sims 2 in sims 3?

Answer #1

well I have a friend that works in ea and hes giveing me free down loads and their cheats but not all the same

Answer #2

well thanks people who have answered at the moment. I hope they keep the cheats because I drag all the sims needs up on the sims 2 lol.

Answer #3

sims 3 hasn’t come out yet so no one will know. I think that if you are a part of the sims 3 website they will send you codes and stuff. also just wait for a month after the game come out and then do net search(everyone will have figured out more). the only cheat that stayed the same from sims 1 to sims 2 was move_objects on so I hope that that may stay the same (easy to remember). I also hope that they keep boolprop testingcheatsenabled true the same, its my favourite.

Answer #4

yeah you can I wanna no a code 4 meez plze help me!

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