Why won't my girlfriend commit to me?

Answer #1

In what way? I thought she was super clingy, so how can she not be committed?

Answer #2

mabey she is affraid :( you should talk to her about it.it may not be a fun topic but your goingto have to talk to her about it. has she ever been married or anything??

Answer #3

Thanks Heaven. She was looking over my shoulder at your answer.

Answer #4

Oh my gosh. I had no idea. I, I’m so sorry.

Answer #5

Did you put a ring on it?

Answer #6

LOL no.

Answer #7

Well do u give her much attention? Did u tell her tht u loved her yet? watever she wont do it is probabky something ur doing go tlk to and tell her how u feel and give her a chance so she could tell u how she feels hope this is a good advice

Answer #8

i hope she will contact with you soon

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Answer #9

Fear….that would be my guess. It isn’t necessarily YOU, or anything that you’ve done, or have not done…..and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. Maybe she’s afraid she can’t live up to the commitment, maybe it’s the “forever” aspect. I know that men seem to go on about their business once the “pursuit” part of a relationship is done…and a commitment from the woman equals “conquered” in men’s minds. Maybe she’s wanting to extend the “chase”?? It’s far more exciting, than being old news.

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Answer #10

In what way? If you didnt ask her to marry you then what do you mean?

Answer #11

she might not be ready to take that step.

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