why won't my game work?

ok so i got the sims 3 high end loft stuff and every time i try to load it, it says unable to start game error code 345. any idea why this is or how to fix it? i have sims 3,ambitions,late night and those all work fine so is it just to much sims EP stuff on my laptop or is it just the game it self or what? also my laptop is a hp intel pentium and windows 7. is it not compatable?

Answer #1

how are you launching the game?

have you tried launching straight from the base .exe?

i think its called summet like ts3.exe, or TS3.exe..

you know where you installed the game so go through your folders and double click the ts3.exe…

it could even be called thesims3.exe or just sims3.exe.

also have a look and make sure your up to date with all the patches.

Answer #2

as far as i can tell this seems to be a something that is fairly common, and being swept under the rug by EA, the only thing i can suggest is checking to make sure you have the current patches for the sims 3 game, http://funadvice.com/r/bfk3249c8dk that is the link for the current sims 3 patches

Answer #3

well the error code went away now but now it’s only letting me load the late night when i click on the high end loft stuff icon. should i try uninstalling the late night and see what happens?

Answer #4

all my patches are up to date.

Answer #5

well as my answer is 100% better than the blokes at the top and just said what i said, hmm let me see: yup i knew id said ‘also have a look and make sure your up to date with all the patches.’

im not even gonna help if people are gonna give lame answers points that a previous person, me, had already said to do teh exact same thing in the 1st place.

sorry, your on your own, blame the point awarder.

Answer #6

umm i didnt even give the other person the like or anything so i dont know how or who chose his as the better answer.

Answer #7

Sorry matty you posted that before i finished typeing and i didn’t see your post, your post was better, i liked yours

Answer #8

it might be scartched or ruin if theiers a crack in the ring in the lil circle in the center of the disc ur scewrd

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