Why won't FA let you have 0 points?

Harmless curiosity, I just want to know why! :)

Answer #1

I think you could have zero points, if you got flagged like 30,000 times =P It would probably restrict you from a lot of things.

Answer #2

I don’t think anyone can get past 10 flags without being disabled :(

Answer #3

I’d probably be disabled by now if that were the case…

Answer #4

lol,I’m not sure how any of your flags can be validate seeing as users just flag your answer because they don’t like it :P It needs to be something relevant to the terms of use ya know :)

Answer #5

Hm.. you can’t give away ALL of your points?

Answer #6

If you have under 75, no D:

Answer #7

If you have zero points = can’t use the site….you get 25 points to sign up and confirm your email…below that, your account would be set to disable, etc, b/c of the lack of points.

Answer #8

tugs collar and gulps Duly noted…

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