Why won't FunAdvice won't let me upload a photo from my computer?

It comes up with the following message: 4 errors prohibited this photo from being saved

There were problems with the following fields: Title can’t be empty Title must be between 3 and 250 charaters Category can’t be empty User can’t be empty

The title should’ve been fine, it didn’t give me an option for the category and what does it mean by user can’t be empty? Thank-you :)

Answer #1

It will, just choose the “upload a photo from computer” option. :)

Answer #2

^^^oh ignore that. I just read the title, silly me :o sorry about that!

Answer #3

Well, you have a photo already … so, did it work yet? Otherwise, make sure it’s not a .bmp - that’s usually the first mistake everyone makes … only .jpg, .gif, and .png are accepted.

Answer #4

No, this is an old photo :P I think it’s jpg but it might not be, I can try again and check :)

Answer #5

haha it’s a bmp :| Thanks :)

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