What jobs are women given in the Marines?

I’m really considering enlisting in the marines, but I have no clue what are the jobs women are given. I’m in college for nursing right now. Can I use that in the corps?

Answer #1

PLease if you are thinking of the Marines do it! the Army is not as good!!! nothing is as good as the marines!! stick to what you first belived!

Answer #2

I was going to join the marines but then I got diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease but the best thing that you can do is sign up to meet with a recruiter. They will give you a good idea of what is in the marines and what sort of jobs there are. However, I don’t know if they do nursing..I think that’s more of the navy.

But anyhow I emailed them for more info from one of their websites and then I got a packet in the mail with a bunch of info and then a recruiter called and wanted to meet and they even came and picked me up and took me to their office to talk about it.


Answer #3

Yes you can use your Nursing training in the military. It will be good experiance for you and will help you deal with situations in a civilian job in the future. . . I say go for it. . . .It will be a win win situation, You will win and you patience will win.

Answer #4

If you have a degree than you can go to Officer Canidate School, but if you don’t you can diffenatly go Enlisted. If you have a medical problem than you may be able to get a waiver it would just depend on how serious it is. I suggest going to http://www.military.com http://www.marines.com I also suggest looking into the other branches as well. such as Army or Airforce. find the forums on these sites and ask questions. get the facts first and remember if it isn’t in WRITING than it IS NOT going to happen.

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