What jobs do women get the marines?

I’m graduating this year and I want to join the military and I am looking at the marines im not sure of what kind of job I want but I would love to find out what is avalible to me in the marines. Any answers

Answer #1

Think about going into the NAVY, it’s a more normal life and you have a better chance of advancement and going more interstion places even onto an air craft carrier. Usually females only go onto the larger ships and not the destroyers.

Answer #2

Anything you want. The armed forced of today are not like they used to be. There is not longer any discrimination against sex. You could do anything from be a ranger;(although the training is ridiculously rigorous and, not trying to be sexist here, it is very difficult for a man to get through it let alone a women… to being a cook. There a lot of options as far as “jobs” within the marines are concerned, the best thing you could do is go to a recruiting office and ask them questions… theyre there to answer them.

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