Do any woman have pantyhose fetish?

Answer #1

absolutely not…I hate them! ugh :P

Answer #2

thanks for the reply.

Answer #3


Answer #4

No, they rip and tear to easily theyre a challenge getting on and getting off.

Answer #5

Nope, I like my boyfriend without pantyhose D:. But on me, ew, they feel weird.

Answer #6

Nope, can’t stand them. I find them very uncomfortable.

Answer #7

Honestly, what is pantyhose fetish? Does my grandma possibly have one?

Answer #8

what are they?

Answer #9

it depends on why you want to wear them…….most people still think it’s in fashion.

Answer #10

aka, nylon tights in British English :P

Answer #11

A fetish is something non-sexual that sexually arouses us. Lingerie is one of the most common. In my college psychology textbook there were examples of all sorts of fetishes. Rain coats and eyeglasses were even in the list. No doubt there are women who have this fetish though it is probably more common in men.

Answer #12

ah tights

Answer #13

lol, yeah tights…:P

Answer #14

Then again, what woman doesn’t like Robin Hood? The ultimate man in tights, next to Superman.

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