Man pantyhose

should man wear pantyhose?

Answer #1

Only with a dress.

I have to say that I miss the old days when women wore stockings or hose. Every time I see a bare legged celebrity is a nice dress I can’t help saying to myself, “gosh she would look so much better if she wore hose.”

Women tell me hose are hot, uncomfortable, and expensive since they tear or run all the time. I guess that is why nobody wears them anymore.

Answer #2

Actually I know several men that wear hose and they are all bikers. Of course, they wear them under their jeans. Hose are better at keeping you warm than anything else and they don’t take up any room under your jeans.

Answer #3

genarally they dont wear them no but its up to you if you want to, then you should feel free to its your body, and wearing the certainly doesnt make you any less human!

Answer #4

why would men where pantyhose than let me ask you something should men where skirt eh …


Answer #5

only if he’s dressing in drag. :)

xox Sika

Answer #6

lmao…I dont think so..I wouldnt find it attractive if thats what you were wanting to go on my part no.

Answer #7

Why not. A woman can wear a shirt and tie, so why can’t a man wear pantyhose. I wear them all the time for fashion and for comfort. Keeps legs warm while working outside during the winter months.

Answer #8

If he wants to then I don’t see why he shouldn’t, after all it is just an item of clothing, albeit one that most women seem to hate for one reason or another.

But I think most of society especially women, find it creepy or odd if a man is wearing pantyhose, it is well in some way a turnoff for most women.

Answer #9

You’ll never catch a real man in pantyhose !!

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