What are your guy's thoughts on trading in my 2008 flash blue metallic chevy cobalt lt coupe for a 2007 nissan xterra 4wd se?

I'm not sure how my cobalt is going to handle in the winter...i live in wisconsin and i love to snowboard and drive in snow(: is it worth it?

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This being an opinionated-answer type question, it would be a great trade. I'm a huge fan of Xterra's. I'd asume they're the same size (aproximentally), so I think it would be fine. They're both good vehicles. It's your choice!

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thankss(: my cobalt is a lot smaller than the xterra and i think they are adorable im just not sure if it would be worth the trade but im not sure if my cobalt is going to be good in the winter i guess we will just have to wait and see!!! thanks for your thoughts!(:

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Xterra's are 4X4's, so it will be good in the winter too. Plus, the bigger the vehicle, the better it's going to be in the snow/rough driving areas.

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It depends how the condition of the Xterra is. How many miles does it has? Who is selling it and how does the price compare to the Kelly Blue book? Has it been in an accident? But if you already did all that homework then is a no brainer to trade it. Your cobalt is probably worth like $10,000 while the Xterra is probably worth over $16,000. The Cobalt will depreciate faster while the Nissan should be able to depreciate more slowly.

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thanks ben! i would be getting it from my uncle whos a dealer so he knows what hes looking at and i get it at cost sooo it would be around 12k with about 40-80k miles on it...sooo pretty good deal!

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yeahhh def! and i would def get the 4x4 haha bad ass haha

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Wow. That is a good deal. I saw a 2007 for $16500 at Carmax and it had 72,000 miles. You don't want that Cobalt in the snow. Even thought it has front wheel drive, is too light and your winters are brutal.

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