How do you feel about Windows Vista?

I bought a laptop with windows vista and did not like the changes they made in vista. What do you feel about vista?

Answer #1

While I agree that XP has its own faults and that it needs upgrading, Vista has shown that it too is in need of upgrades. In trying to keep up with Apple with its “dock” and easy view windows, Microsoft is still trying to “make it easy” for everyone and overtake the OS with too much help. There is nearly a “wizard” for everything and the code behind it all is getting more bloated and thirsty for memory. In my opinion the OS of any computer should just be the basics and be as small as possible. That would then make it easy for them to offer upgrade software for the people that want/need all of the whistles and bells and allow those of us that want to streamline their computers to leave them stripped of all the useless garbage we don’t need.

I know that vista comes in many “flavors” but they just don’t get the concept that smaller better faster is the way to go. I’ll stick with XP for as long as I can, but if Microsoft doesn’t get it together soon, I’ll have to wipe my drive and migrate to linux.

Answer #2

I installed Vista Ultimate on my desktop so I could play Halo 2 for PC. While I do like it overall, I had to turn off the pop-ups asking “Are you sure?’ Also. I have to swap drives for things like my ATI TV and FM capture card, because there are no drivers under Vista. It does use a lot of memory, which I have, and my processor idles hotter under Vista. I agree with Goran, stick with XP as long as you can unless all you do is siimple surfing and email and light word processing.

Answer #3

I don’t think that much of Vista so far. I attended some Microsoft promotions and was pretty excited at first but my real world experience hasn’t been so hot.

When my father-in-law ordered a laptop I advised him to get Vista instead of XP. He got a fast laptop with plenty of memory but with Vista it is dog slow. He is satesfied with it but XP running on my 2 year old bottom-line laptop is faster than Vista on his hot rod.

Answer #4

The fact that it uses so much memory is a killer

Answer #5

I think Microsoft is going to have to find something not so Appleish. . . .

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