Who do you think will win the 2011 cricket world cup?

Answer #1

south africa?

Answer #2

West Indies. Purely patriotic. Lol.

Answer #3

hard to say but I have to say India or Pakistan

Answer #4

You must be joking!!!!!

Answer #5

I N - G E R R R - L A N D .

Answer #6

Well they play well against Australia today…A former South African was man of the match… ;)

Answer #7

I certainly hope so!

Answer #8

pakistan or india

Answer #9

Its A tosup between Pakistan and India

Answer #10

Haha well they say india is the favoreds…. but my hart is behind south africa!! and i really think we can do it!!

Answer #11

Isn’t that the “sport” where you hit a ball thru hoops?

Answer #12

that is basketball I think (known as netball elsewhere in the world).

Answer #13

No. That ‘sport’ throwing balls through hoops is known as basketball.

Answer #14

I know you hit balls through hoops in quidditch. :)

But no, there are no hoops in cricket. The closest thing to cricket is baseball.

Answer #15

well i want to see SA and india in the finals…plz no australia this time…am sick of seeing them winning everytime now…

Answer #16

Couldn’t agree more

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