Who do you think is gonna win the world cup?

So who do you think is gonna in the world cup? I know englands not gonna win because we never win.

Answer #1

as much as id hate to see this im thinking spain

Answer #2

i think italy might…..

Answer #3


Answer #4

italy and england.one of these i think

Answer #5

Being England, we will lose in a penalty shootout! I don’t think Italy will win it, first because they are not as good as when they won it four years ago, and also I don’t think anyone has ever won it twice in a row, and I don’t they will be the first.

Spain are the European team, but I think Holland can do well too. In south America I think only Argentina and Brazil are good enough to win it. Holland are my bet!

Answer #6

Ooop, missed some words out in there! I should learn to read my post’s properly first!

Answer #7

maybe brazil but i really think spain will get it …..i hope spain dont but theres a possibity

Answer #8

and id love to see new zealand get it

Answer #9

america…not too many ppl care in america haha soccer is not one popular here nor is it interesting to watch. srry.

Answer #10


Answer #11

i would love to see Stevie Gerrand lift the cup world,that would be a dream come true,but i think Brazil,Spain or Holland will win

Answer #12

oops world cup lol

Answer #13

ireland fosho!! haha jk !! in our deeeams (:

Answer #14

I know this will never happen but it would be awesome if our Aussie team, the Socceroos could reach the grand final and then win the cup….It’s so great to dream :) ….. I think Brazil will and wouldn’t it be fab since they are hosting the 2014 world cup.

Answer #15

U were a bit wrong with Italy and England lol

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