will this cause you to goto hell

will I go to hell if I kill a dog

Answer #1

if you beleive in hel, yes if you dont, no but really there is NO moral reason to kill a dog unless its in pain if its not in pain, killing it would be animal cruelty and just disgustinly wrong you can go to JAIL for animal cruelty

Answer #2

Ya I would never hurt any animal but as far as I know people murder other people, ask for forgivness and go to heaven so ya, kinda stupid if you ask me but there ya go…

Answer #3

No, but remember that all dogs go to heaven, so that dog will be there waiting for you…and I’ll bet he’s going to be kind of mad.

Answer #4


Answer #5

u = big big meany if you kill a dog.

shame on you. get rid of the poor thing, do not hurt it, and yes you will go to hell.

shame shame shame on you.

Answer #6

I only want to know cause people kill animals all the time so I wanted to know bout a dog or inside animals like cats

Answer #7

Actually NO you wont go to hell if you kill an animal, they’re only here to serve men. But if you kill a person YES, at least according to the bible. But really I DON’T CARE what the bible says, there is no moral reason to kill another living thing unless you’re a hunter & kill for FOOD & don’t waste the animal. For those saying “Duh, Yes” ect. I assume all you eat is rocks, dairy, & dirt, right? You’ve to kill to get meat & kill to get vegies & fruit, along with seasonings. So unless it’s for food & clothing & you don’t let the animal go to waste, it’s just down right cruel obnoxious to kill an animal just because. Are you going to eat him?

Answer #8

I am pretty sure you wont go to hell but that depends on what you believe in but that is very cruel and in some states it is a felony to abuse an animal but back to hell I say no since it does say that you are forgiven for the sins that you commit if you ask to be forgiven and killing an innocent animal is sick and the people that do it deserve to be punished

Answer #9

It’s a horrible thing to consider and I hope you don’t kill a dog. Thats cruel.

As for going to hell… Well… Animal sacrifices were all the rage back in the bible days, so, I don’t think so.

Still, killing an innocent animal is a horrible thing to do and I hope you don’t. If you do, you are evil scum in my eyes, and deserve a horrible death!

Answer #10

I don’t know and I don’t care you should NOT kill a dog or any other animal. Your crazy why the h*ll would you harm an animal.

Answer #11

What if you honestly didnt mean to for eg: run over it ?

Answer #12

Don’t kill a DOG!!! That’s insane! You will surely go to HEII!

Answer #13

why the hell would you want to kill a dog???

Answer #14

uh no but you might go to jail

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