Will not eating vegetables hurt me in the long run?

I don’t eat any vegetables, besides occasional banana peppers on subway. I don’t like salad, tomatoes, any type.

I do eat meat, and drink milk, and eat bread, and some fruits, so its not like I am a horrible eater. Just tell me how it will affect me, pleease!

Answer #1

I have a nephew who only ate 4 things, bologna sandwiches (bologna and bread only), cheese pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, and chicken nuggets. He refused all other food. Never did any fruit or vegetable pass his lips until he was an adult. His worried parents took him to his doctor for blood work and it always came back fine. I guess it is possible to survive on almost anything!

Certainly it is healthier to eat some vegetables. You might try some new ones or different ways to prepare some familiar ones. If you can find a few you like that would be a good thing.

btw, my nephew who was such a picky eater as a child now eats lots of vegetables. After he got married his wife got him to try vegetables he hadn’t tried in years and he discovered that his tastes have changed and now he likes most of them.

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