Will people pick on me if I have emo hair?

Will I

Answer #1

one thing : they most will not pick on you for having emo hair but for mistaking you as emo. but I dont hink they will pick on you, just ask you if your emo a lot.

I have emo hair (and the emo skater style but I am in fact NOT emo and not trying to be emo but I do get asked a lot :P)

so just prepare yourself for that and if they say anyhting bad about it, just FLICK your hair at them and walk off with dignity at all times. because we alll know that emo hair is most likely wayyy cooler than theirs :)

so get it and rock it, and shun, yes SHUN, the people that disagree wihtout taste. and never, ever, make them think you made a mistake by getting it, just say, “well I like it so MEH! “ :)


p.s. emo hair is hot as heck so yah :)

Answer #2

They might, but if it looks good on you, and it’s what you want to look like, then don’t let them stop you. When I started painting my fingernails black, some losers started to tease me a bit, but I just ignored them and they soon got over it.

Answer #3

probably… people I know would.. personally, I find it a little unattractive but I wouldn’t pick on you for that.

Answer #4

emo hair is sexy… Just do what you want and F**ck the rest of it all

Answer #5

if they do tell them to kiss your a*s LOL

Answer #6

I dont think so, they would have 2 be stupid to do that, emo hair is cool!

Answer #7

Have whatever hair style you want. Kids will be kids and are mean no matter what. I know its hard, but do your best to ignore them.

Answer #8

No they won’t…emo hair is so hot!!

Answer #9

no I think emo hair is sooo hot :]

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