will it be too akward..??? is this ok???

is it ok if I wear a blue dress shirt and a dress pant to my schools semi formal dance… I don’t have a tux and I was planning on wearing a sweater vest but I cant afford one now. a…is what im weraing ok. will it be too akward…???

Answer #1

What you want to wear is fine for a dance..You don’t have to be like everyone else, be yourself!

Answer #2

hey,what’s your name? and were are you from?

Answer #3

You’d like your mom dressed you if you showed up in a tux at a semi-formal. D;

That would work.

Answer #4

awsome thanks

Answer #5

If you wear a tie then it will get awkward. That is PERFECT for the occasion.

Answer #6

no not akward at all dude that’s pretty formal you don’t need a tux :]

Answer #7

It’s a semi-formal, which means you can certainly get away with wearing that.

Answer #8

semi formal just means you can’t wear blue jeans and t-shirts…

semi formal is like going to church on Easter Sunday. a little nicer than what is usual for church, but not like formal ball room rich people party

Answer #9

you should ask around before you go because all the dances I’ve been to were supposed to be semi-formal, but everyone went wearing casual wear instead. But if it is semi formal, then what you have picked is a very good choice =]

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