Will goldfish eat other goldfish?

The boys I take care of had 2 pet goldfish, and while they were on a weekend away, one of the goldfish died. When they came back, instead of having a goldfish floating on the top of the water, they had bits of carcass through the bowl. There is no filter in the tank, so the only explanation seems to be that the other goldfish started eating the dead one. Is this common?

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I don't know if that's the case for goldfish, but I do know that beta fish will attack and eat other betas.


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gold fish eating other gold fish is not common, before I started getting hamsters goldfish were the only pets id ever get and none of them ever ate each other

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yeah gold fish will eat one another (some species of goldfish also kill each other, but those are the big ones) its kinda recycling really (might sound a bit brutal but thats life for ya)

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yea, goldfish are the pigs of the water. They will eat pretty much anything.
When a fish dies it starts to decay and most species of fish will nibble on it.


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yer, fish tend to eat the deads ones,

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Hmm .. my big goldfish has attacked two smaller gold fishes and eat them in the stomach ... that's the fact of life. I have another fish tank that contains 10 gold fishes. And they will attack the weak gold fish .. and now I only have 7 gold fish.

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