Will a single cigarette kill?

My friends keep pressuring me to try cigarettes. Will it kill me if I try it one time?

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in the long run it may ,
because you could get hooked.

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One wont kill you, but if you do try it you probably will cough on the smoke till you get used to it if you continue to smoke. And peer pressure is really hard to deal with so since smoking could eventually kill you I wouldnt consider trying it.

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They aren't friends at all,if you start it's going to get addicting and yo can say bye bye to some of your dreams,heck you can say bye bye to some of your friends that DON'T smoke. Think about it,real friends don't pressure you to smoke.

If your smart enough,you'll turn it down and push them out of your life and find BETTER friends.

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dont do it your friend is not your friend!!! no 1 ciggarette wont kill but dont try it it the stupids thing you will do!!!

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One won't. No. But chances are one will lead to more which will kill you. Thats how it starts. Don't be stupid.

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They arent friends if they are pressuring you...

But no, one cigarrette cant kill you. But if you do have one cigarrette, ull have another, and another, till they DO kill you.

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Your friends are idiots... Honestly, why would your friends pressure you to do anything? Find new friends... this is about so much more than one cigarette

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no one wont kill you. but one could lead to another because they are addicting. and if you so called "friends" are pressuring to do this then chances are they arent really your friends. if they offer and you turn down then they should accept that. you might want to find some new and better friends. seriously. if they ask again just say no because if you get addicted then you are slowly killing yourself, you can get very sick, it can cause cancer, and yes they could eventually kill you.

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One will already start the chances of certian types of cancer, if your friends respect you then they will back the f**k off and respect your choice.

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Well I hope and pray that you will not smoke, Your friends probley just do it too look cool but soon it will become a habit and then they wont be able to stop. Put them on the spot when they ask you, say " why are you trying to get me to do some thing bad " like I mean what else can they say right . And to answer your original question no one cigarette cant kill you. But please dont do it.
Yours truly,
Demika Ray

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