Wife thinks I'm a cheater how can I make her see that I'm not?

My wife thinks I’m cheating on her. I’m not. All I’ve done was talk to people in chat rooms online(nothing in a sexual nature).I might look at porn every once in a while but I don’t do that online due to her expressed consern. She has no problem with me watching movies or even reading adult magazines. Her father cheated on her mother about 2 years ago and now she thinks that I’m going to. She won’t let me go out with friends very often and she calls my cell multipule times to check on me when I do get to go out. How can I assure her that I’m not? It’s starting to put a wrench in our marriage. I love her very much, but it hurts me to think that she believes that I will throw away our marriage for a brief moment of lust.

Answer #1

I would let her paranoia take it’s course, she can’t be like this forever. Also try to show her that you can be trusted (even though you never showed her you couldn’t be trusted). I would divide my time with my friends and her.

Answer #2

Thanks for all the help. You’ve given me alot of stuff to try. She’s a great girl. I’ll try anything to keep us going. I do believe it has to do with her Father and past boyfriends. I just wish she wouldn’t take their mistakes out on me. Thanks again!

Answer #3

If she started behaving like this only after her father cheated on her mother then the problem isn’t really with you its with her. Therapy or counseling will help her resolve the issues she’s obviously dealing with and help her put them to rest once and for all. If you’ve never given her any sold reason to doubt you and after two years it hasn’t gotten better then it probably never will. Discuss it with her and get her some help before it destroys your marriage.

P.S. She may become defensive at you suggesting that she go to counseling alone. Try couples counseling ad both of you go.

Answer #4

Maybe you’re wife cheated on you and she’s shit scared you’re gonna find out…..Just an asumption.

Either seek Proffesional help or do your best to secure her feelings, your dad did it so she’s thinking the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Take her out somewhere nice and new for a long weekend just spend more nights with her and not the computer give it a test phase and see what happens she’s insecure for a reason….

Hope this helps

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