Wich hurts more

a industrial piercing or a lip piercing???

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I think industrial hurts more

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im not sure...my boyfriend has a lip piercing and he says it only hurts alittle im going will industrial but everyone is different on how much it hurts

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My friend did her own lip peircing(prob not the best way to go) and I dont think it hurt her
But if your gonna get peircings dont do em yourself.You could get infected and yer lip will fall off!! haha jk

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Industrial. The industrial pierces through cartilage, and it hurts much more than a lip. Having both, I can confirm this!

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I had my lip pierced and it does not hurt at all. An industrial is definetely more painful.

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like does it hurt when they are piercing or does the pain come in after?? how long does it usually take? (industrial)

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