Do Wiccan spells really work?

Answer #1

. Well, the Grand Wizard of our local Coven turned me into a newt once, . ….. just because I said it was all a load of old tommyrot. .

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Answer #3

It magic could be done, I don’t think so many us would be leading miserable lives working in a cubicle.

Answer #4

Ummm I don’t think so but it some cultures they believe they do

Answer #5

I don’t think so my aunt is into all of that stuff and it’s just creepy.

Answer #6

I dont believe they do. World would be kinda crazy if they did. Everybody would be doin it. It would be a well known thing. I think karma is real. But if magic spells really worked then the world would be a different place. Just my belief

Answer #7

No. Not at all. It’s stupid and ridiculous.

Answer #8

Spells can work but it is not always in the way many people think. If your asking can you cast a spell and make a huge change to the world all at once no, I do not think that is possible. But If you cast a spell to say find romance, and you really do try to find romance then the magic might point you in a way you would not have gone and you could find romance there.

Answer #9

A real life story you can believe or not or believe it was magic or not.

I wear a spell necklace blessed for protection. I always wear it. One day I was in the car with my gf and her mom, her mom was driving and we were broad sided by a car. Our car flipped up on two wheels and we should have flipped. I mean if my window was down I could have reached out it and touched the ground for a second or two. But just as we were about to over turn we didn’t. The car rolled back the other way and landed on all four wheels. I think it was magic we did not.

Answer #10

I believe they can, when people let bad things in.

Answer #11

Belief is crucial, only “magic” people are affected by magic, in most cases.

Answer #12

I believe that the thing called “reality” is just the sum of peoples expectations and opinions of reality. It is fairly flexible. There is no absolute truth.

Therefore, I think that magic can work, as long as all witnesses truly believe in it and expect it to work without any doubt. If however a firm non-believer is standing by, then the power of his mind and his expectation of logical, reasonable reality will bust or at least disturb the spell.

The trick is, that the magician needs to set his or her mind to disagree about reality with all of the rest of humanity. Which is extremely difficult. And in most places, someone whose opinion about reality differs from other peoples opinion of reality are called insane or delusional. Yet within their perception of reality, whatever they do is real.

But enough about my meta-magical bullsh!t. Answer this question: If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there, nor is there a recording device of any sort, does it make a sound? If you answer is “Yes of course”, then magic does not work. If your answer is “Maybe” or “How could we possibly know” then magic might work under certain circumstances. If your answer is “No, the tree doesn’t even exist as long as no one sees it” then either Magic works or you are insane. Or both. There is not so much of a difference.

Answer #13

maybe it was an angel ;)

Answer #14

From my experience they do, but not in the sense people think that they do. I do not wave a wand around and get what I want, magic is just a way to direct my energy. It is a kind of form of prayer almost or can simply be a way to get your head in the right place. I believe what energy you send out, you get back. If I do a spell for motivation, that energy will find me and help me. But it did not give me anything I didn’t already have, it just helped me send my wishes to the universe and get my head in the right place to do it.

Answer #15

Well spells in the Wicca sense (not the harry potter sense) don’t work that way. Our spells work in the same way Christian prayers work. That’s just like when people say “I don’t believe in a god because the world would be different if there were one.”

Answer #16

I see.. well its just a matter of beliefs. personally i believe God helps your problems. and if someone is getting help from an “outside source” for their problems other than God its the work of demons. Like the silvia brown lady. she says she gets her sources from something telling her the answers. I believe its demons to stray you away from God and make you think their is other ways. But thats me. and im respect your beliefs. If it makes you happy then by all means do what you want. I am not one to judge

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