What is wicca and what is it's beliefs?

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This has been asked many times and answered really well, there was a girl here before, Gaia something or other, she was Wiccan. Use the search function and look for Wicca, she gave some really good answers on the topic, not sure if she still posts here though.

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Heya xD I’m Wiccan :D

~Wicca is one of the oldest religions in the world - in fact, it predates Christianity. The followers of Wicca are also known as Wiccans, (sometimes as witches but witches do not follow Wicca, they just practice witchcraft. There is a thin line between Wicc anad witch) wizards (for males), sorcerers, magis ect ~Wicca is based on the worship of the Goddess and a host of many other Gods or Goddesses that you can choose to worship. Eg, you can worship Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt as well as Anu, Egyptian god of death. You can pray to them by just praying or performing the art of witchcraft, spells and so on. Wiccas will do either white magick (magick spelt with a k as it traditionally is. Magic with no k is the spelling for the work of a magician, a stage performer. ) or grey magick. White magck is magick done for helping others or to help you in life. Wiccas are not allowed to do black magick, magick that is used to harm others. Everything else falls into the grey catagory. ~Wiccas cannot do black magick as many believe in kharma, the theory that what goes around comes around, but Wiccas believe what you do will come back to you times by three. ~Wiccas have been branded as satanists or as evil women who ride broom sticks and eat children - this is a load of bull. Other religions have tried to put an ulgy face on Wicca by giving it a bad sterotype that is often false. Wiccas do not worship satan. We do not do bad things and we are not sinners. ~Not all Wiccas are female. Some are male who like to be known as witches or Wiccas or wizards ect. Never call a male Wicca a warlock; this is an old insult that means ‘liar’ or ‘betrayer.’

That’s it that I can really add but look up some stuff on the net or Funmail me if you have any more questions, I like informing people on it. xD

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yep im still here lol

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Here’s the basic rundown of Wica. If it seems additude prone, apolagiies. It’s from a debate I had a little ahiwle back, I don’t feel like re-typing everything XD

Wicca, is a new religion under the guise of an ancient name. Though people will argue to the death, no doubt, it’s an “ancient religion, the evidence supports it’s rather new. Gerald Gardner is said to be the inventor of the religion. Though people say he claimed to of merely brought it to light in the 1950’s, his liability is less than impeccable. He claimed to be a higher ranking free mason- 3rd degree- records show he was only a first level mason. He claimed to of received a degree at the University of Singapore in 1934, they weren’t even in existence in 1934 *Gardener’s followers claim he was initiated into wicca in 1939 by Dorothy Clutterbuck. There’s no evidence that Dorothy existed. But even if one to prove those claims, Gardner was resident in a Christian church from 1933-1939 Rumor has it Crowley was Gardener’s biggest inspiration in creating Wica. This can be confirmed through comparing their works. Nearly the entire “Book of Shadows” written by Gardner and all the Wiccan ceremonies and rituals are all based on Crowley’s works. Do what you will, may you harm none is said to be undeniably a Crowley’s. Now focusing on merely the term “Wica” and “Wicca” Gardner had introduced the new religion as Wica NOT Wicca. It was in later years in which the second C was added, presumably to reflect the Angelo-Saxon word Wicca which was the root word for witch . The double C’s are pronounced as “ch” thus Wicca was pronounced “Witcha”. Wicca meant male practitioner, wicce female. Over the years the E and A were dropped hence the birth of the term “witch”. Now if you want to bring up the ancient “wicas” I’ll be glad to The original hwica (Huh Wika-spelling it how it’s pronounced) dates back to Celtic time. An ancient philosopher recorded information about the hwica’s in his journal. There are approximately 4 copies of the book that talks about the ancient hwica(I’m sure there’s more than one type, but it will be rare, especially in modern days). When the Roman Empire moved upward, pushing the Celtics further North, the hwicas stayed behind and did their magic thing. The Romans ruthlessly slaughtered them and, being the extreme sadist they are, I’m sure would of killed even the last man standing. I’ve not been able to turn up any further information of these whwica’s, it’s likely they went extent. Unlike the new religion, they DID practice animal sacrifice, both male and female were warriors, and were actually celtic., and worshipped the celtic gods. There are NO ties connecting ancient hwica and moderns wica. Modern wica is a pantheistic religion. The main practices consist of simple basics such as candle magic, elemental magic(Aeromancy, Geomancy, Hydromancy, Pyromancy), basic healing, ruin or other forms of divination, and herbal magic. Depending on the individual, practitioners may take it further. Many Wicans practice chi and fung shi as well, it’s practically becoming interlaced with the religion. Unlike the original ancients, Wicans do not practice “black magick”, nor any magick that seeks to cause harm to others. Most if not all wicans follow a poem created by Doreen Valientine in 1964 called the ‘Wican Rede’. Originally wicca was brought to the public as a duotheistic religion, believing both a God and a Goddess(or multiple Gods and Goddesses). The most popular today are Pam (recently known as spirit of the forest, however, originally he’s the roman God of corn), and Diana(roman goddess of the hunt and wild animals, also sister of Apollo-god of the sun). Again, claims say it’s based of celtic traditions, I call that out on it’s BS. Wica is deeply rooted in Kablah(a Jewish practice). The only main celtic traditions I’ve seen wican’s practice are the Celtic holidays, however, it’s not too common for them to be practiced traditionally. Not even the more common gods of worship in this religion are celtic. Over the past 50 years(60 now) people have morphed it and created their own different traditions of Wica. Gardener(said to be the first), Georgian, Dianic , Seax, Circle, Celtic, even Electric, and Egyptian(I’ld call this one out on its BS), and even fairie(the list goes on). The only things ancient wika and modern wica have in common are the holidays practiced(however, they are mostly practiced in different ways from each other), and the fact that neither come close to being the first religion.

If you’ld like more information talk to a religous scholar. I’ve spent night & day researching topics such as this, & most of themore reliable information all points to this. The best source being ubiased. Hope this helps.

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