Why does no one believe that I am 16?

Why does no one believe that I am 16?

Answer #1

Hate to rain on your parade, but search google images for hot guys, and search those pics or go to this site, timothymgol.blogspot.com, find hot guy of the week #104, same a*s pick, so if thats really you nice arms, but if not thats just disappointing…

Answer #2

ok dude I have friends that take steriods and they didnt look that big dude and ight how much can you beanch and squat?

Answer #3

ok blue… lol, take a pic fron the front… your arms seem a lot bigger than your bod but that could be your camera lens.

Answer #4

16??? really…WOW??…I dunno… maybe it’s due to your SEXY BODY!! =P cause no one I noe that’s 16 has a hot bod like you do!!! - you should model and be an insperation to the lazy boys out there!! ;)

Answer #5

Because you look photoshopped lol

But at least you wont need a fake id :)

Impressive muscles by the way. How long did they take you to get? Man!

Answer #6

woaaa. your 16?

Answer #7

well maybe besides the fact YOU ARE RIPPED!!!??? I dont know… ha ha

Answer #8

lol. I have the exact same proplem!!

Answer #9

LOL, good work, tommalone!

Answer #10

I thinkin you found a f*ckin pic on the internet. or you are lieing bout your age.

Answer #11

Why do big muscles always have to equal steroids? I can tell those muscles are not from being on the juice.

Answer #12

thank you pinkpearl they took me a long time to get

Answer #13

because you look a lot older lol

no offence

Answer #14

im not on steroids

Answer #15

you do look about 22 ;)

Answer #16

oo, oo, oo, can I kiss those lol

Answer #17

is that a joke why would a fake a pic

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