why would have sexual intercorse with a shemale be gay?

Okay I want to know why it would be homosexual to have sexual intercorse with a shemale?

Answer #1

I think it’s kind of hot for some of them. Always wanted to try it. I don’t think it’s gay. Just having fun. No need for a label

Answer #2

ummm because in their minds they arent their actual gender. they are the oppisite. so in their eyes your the same gender as them making you “gay”. but if ya wanna be technical and say they arent really the same gender as you bcause they have different parts then it isnt gay I guesss.. still gross either way..

Answer #3

i agree, and the first poster seems rather confused themselves about whose eyes sees what etc. The fact is… im 100% not gay, have no gay tendencies towards men, and certainly wouldn’t enjoy a male on male encounter, or feel it in my chemistry to be able to perform should one ever arise… Shemales and LBs however is a completely different scenareo, in some cases they look absolutely stunning, maybe moreso than the real thing, they can be very feminine in their ways and moves, as obviously thats what they feel in themselves they are. in my eyes they are not men, perhaps with a few extra parts - but as long as they have the mostly the body of a woman, and really know how to enjoy themselves sexually (like a man) then i dont see what that has to do with gay…. Tecnically however, they could be considered gay if they are 100% male, but as i dont find them 100% male in any way, i dont consider them gay either… Shemales are a sex unto themselves, neither male nor female, and deserve special consideration and empathy for… they are a wonderful addition to the human race, and i for one think they dont need a label either…

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