What would give me a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Okay. This some of you may not believe, but just go along with me. My boyfriend and I are each others first sexual partners. We’ve never cheated on each other, we’ve never done anything sexual with anyone else. We will use a condom when we have sex, so don’t worry about that, but in theory: If a couple were each others first sexual partners, could they still get STDs from each other? And don’t tell me that “Oh, he’s male, you can’t trust that he hasn’t been with other women”, theoretically, let’s just say I’m correct.

Answer #1

STD’s can be transmitted through saliva and blood (depending on the infection). If you or your partner’s bodily fluids came into contact with that of an infected person, you could become infected yourself.

It’s less likely to occur that way, but some diseases can be spread through needles, kissing, coming into contact with another person’s open wound, etc.

Answer #2

unless you are with him 24hours a day . dont believe him honey

Answer #3

It’s possible to contract some STD’s through other means, so, in theory - yes, they can.

Answer #4

how so?

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