Why would a qb want to play at texas tech or missouri?

Why would any qb want to play in that kind of system? texas tech and missouri type offenses run their formations from a shotgun or pistol (where the runningback lines up behind the qb in the shotgun) formations. now most qb’s that go to those type of offenses do very well in college but naturally get a bad rap because no one thinks they can translate that success into the nfl which run much more complex offenses. and if you think thats not true look at graham harrell and chase daniel both were heisman continders and wound up undrafted also even going back to missouri qb brad smith who wound up a reciever/wildcat. now instead of going to that kind of system why not go to a college with a more nfl style offense?

Answer #1

The quarterbacks that go to these systems are given the oppurtunity to start right away..Some of the time it is the same style of offense that they ran in high school so they are used to it

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