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My idea for a college football playoff

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OK, so we take the winners of each major conf. regardless of rankings then the independent with the best record. That’s 12 teams Then we take 4 so called wild card teams, the wild card teams would be the highest ranked teams not yet in the playoffs and have our self a good old playoff. This is how this year would turn out ... teams would be seeded by a BCS ranking style system ACC: VA tech Big 12 by: OU Big East: Cincy Big 10: Penn State CUSA: Tulsa Mid-American: Buffalo Mount. West: Utah Pac 10: USC SEC: Florida Sunbelt: Troy WAC: Boise Independent: Navy (Best ind. record) Wildcard 1: Texas Wildcard 2: Alabama Wildcard 3: Texas Tech Wildcard 4: Ohio state

This would be the playoff this year. The first round would be played at home sites for the higher ranked seed. Round two would be also home sites. Semi finals is where it gets tricky because there are 3 games left. The bowls bring in too much money for the NCAA and they want to keep their sponsors. So you add a 4th game. Here is how this would work... Round 3 semi finals loser of semi final 1 played loser of semi final 2 for 3rd place overall the week before the national championship. Kind of like the Olympics. Then the week after you get your national title game. The last 4 games payout the same as a BCS game. Some would argue that this would make the regular season less meaningful. I say to that that it would make it more interesting because coaches would be playing for a good seed and not just to make the playoffs. I think it would bring in more money than a 4 game BCS would. Each game could be labeled with a corp. sponsor. Some would ask well wont this cut into finals? Not if you went back to an 11 game regular season (just take out a non conf. game that no one cares about). So the conf champ games would be played over thanksgiving. The following week (Dec 6th) round 2. Week off for finals round 3 (semi finals) Dec. 20th. My so called “bronze medal game" Dec. 27th. And national title game on Jan 1st.

Did I make a good argument here because it would work so great and bring in so much more money? Think March madness but with college football.