Why wont my mam listen to me!?

Well, I dont like my step-father very much and he always has a go at me for stupid things. And I tried to talk to my mam about it and she defended him saying he’s only messin’, but I know he is not, (I can tell when he is messin’ you see) Then I carried on talking anyway sayin mam I know he is not, then she just walked away and sed ‘he is only winding you up, dont worry’ (or summin like a anyway) help! Please!

Answer #1

well what I am saying is that when I try to tel her that I dont like my step-father and how him constantly picking at me for little things she doesnt listen, I’ll give you an example of his behvior, there was a box of eggs on the counter in the kitchen, I was upstairs in my bedroom, my step-dad knocks the eggs off the counter and its my fault!!

I just read over it and it is kinda confusing lolz

Answer #2

Omg im sooo confused. What are you talkin about hun??? lol

Answer #3

She may be in denial. You may have to collect video evidence to assure her beyond a doubt that he is hurting you. I hope this helps, best of luck to you.

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