Why won't my laptop charge?

My computer isn’t charging. Whenever I turn it on (with the charger plugged in) it stays on. But it turns off immediately when I take it out. It says something’s wrong with te “AP” adapter, and I’m not quite sure what that is.

Whenever I try charging it, it says it isn’t. What’s wrong with it?

Answer #1

My computer is doing that to.. Whenever it’s plugged up it is fine and the battreysays 100% and when I unplug it then it says 3% charge and it goes off about 5 minutes later. I was told that I need a new battery.

Answer #2

You need a new battery.

Answer #3

Yep, New battery. Happened to me but as soon as I got a new battery it went away.

Answer #4

Ya, the same thing happened to me. You need a new battery! Best of luck!! :)

Answer #5

it probably needs a new battery, I don’t know much laptops.

Hope this will help,

Answer #6

new batteryi have a laptop or just run the battery recalibration process fun mail me if you want to know how.

Answer #7

You probably need a new battery but mine did the same thing and I just deleted some things I didnt need off of it. then I plugged it back up after shutting it down and it started charging again.

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