When i charge my laptop will it charge faster on power saver mode?

When I charge my laptop will it charge faster on power saver mode if im using it or does it charge at the same rate on high performance during use

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As usual, thedude is right :D
The difference in charging with power save mode would be minimal, at most it would cut 5 minutes of the charge time.

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It will charge the fastest when the laptop is *off* completely, as you're draining the battery whenever it's not off, completely. If it's in power saver mode, it would charge slightly faster than during normal use, as it's not using as much electricity.

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Actually most times there is no need to rebuild or reinstalled your PC windows system, what you need is a PC protector. Tuneup360 is good choice, you just need to click one big “fix now” button and get your computer fixed at once.

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