Why wont a glass of water relieve the burning of hot peppers?

This is an extra credit question for my chemistry class that I just started yesterday. If any one can give me a reliable website (not wikipedia) it would be really helpful. Thanks!

Answer #1

Milk is so much better because it’s thick and it will wash it down but water just covers it up until it’s gone and makes it worse.

Answer #2

try this: the link says that Capsaicin (the thing that makes peppers hot) is soluble in fats and oils but not in water. Therefore milk, ice cream and peanut butter can calm the pepper whilst water will spread the flames!


Answer #3

the oils from the peppers cant be removed by water it has to be someting thicker

Answer #4

It can’t bind to the molecules that trigger the spicey sensation to remove them. Dairy products can though.

Answer #5

big red works!!! :)

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