Why won't they leave him alone?

I have a friend from school named Jeffrey.He's a lot of fun to talk to,but he has adhd,so he's a bit of a spazz.Jeffrey lives in a neighborhood across the road from me,so we ride the same bus home.Yesterday, (Thursday 3/6/08) on the bus this guy named Andrew sat next to a guy named Collin in the seat behind Jeffrey.Jeffrey,Andrew and Collin were friends last year I believe. But this year,they don't talk anymore.Andrew became one of the sorta popular kids,but he still talks to Collin,but neither of them can say a truly polite word to Jeffrey anymore.When Andrew sat behind him,Jeffrey freaked out a little.He told me that Andrew managed to turn his friends away from him.Then today,Collin took one of Jeffreys gloves somehow.He freaked out today even more than he did yesterday.When they got off the bus,Jeffrey dropped his stuff somewhere and started chasing Collin.I was still on the bus,so I don't know what happened.I saw Andrew laughing at something before the bus started moving again.When the bus turned,I saw Jeffrey chasing Collin.It p!$$es me off to see people treat him that way.I wish I could help,but I don't think that's possible.Why won't people leave him alone?!

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Why are you just sitting there watching?! Stick up for him. Even if you become a social outcast (which odds are, won't happen) people will respect you for your decision. Just burn that b*** bad when you do it. Then you'll be the hero, and he'll be the outcast.

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Guys do things like that to "impress" their other friends && I'm sorry to say that there's not too much you can do -- they're just idiots && obviously lack respect for other people!

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Well if your friends with the two mean ones then you should totally say something
tell them they have no life and to leave the other kid alone

if your not friends with them you shudnt say anything cz its only going to make things worse when a girl sticks up for a guy =/

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won't leave you alone
rip out his throat

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