How to get her to leave me alone and stop hurting me?

a girl that I thought was my best friend has turned out to be a ungreatful , bossy jerk and she won’t stop b.tching to me about her problems and I don’t no how to tell her to piss off ! all of the guys want to get in her pants because she is not that bad looking but I am tired of getting pushed around by her . . . and she won’t leave me alonee. she hurts me emotionally and physically and I just don’t no how to tell her to stop and it is starting to get unbarible. I am scared that she will beat me up or turn the whole school and my friends against me. what should I do ?

Answer #1

talk to the person that you need and trust the most in your life. like an old friend or one that knows secrets no one else should know. the person you trust the

Answer #2

you need to, as a friend, confront her about how you feel! tell her you feel left out and are hurt by some of the things she does or says. if she doesnt respond, then she is no friend to you.. walk away from her!! and, I dont think she will turn the whole school against you! im sure you both have secrets that youve told eachother… if WORSE comes to WORSE, black mail her :)

Answer #3

thaank you

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