Why won't my dog poop!

Sunday my dog at a 5 count pack of Rolaids. Since then he hasn’t pooped right. He pooped at 11am this morning and hasn’t pooped since. I’m getting so angry with him. I need help!!!

Answer #1

We left our dog with a friend while we moved all she did there was poop but here at the new place she just wont poop and shes a BIG dog… can someone please help me???

Answer #2

We’ve had our dog for over a year. He has always been good at going outside to poop. About few weeks ago we left him for a few days to go on a trip and when we go back we noticed that while we walk him to go poop, he doesn’t go. For the past few days he has pooped in the house which he has never done. We walk him in the morning and the evening…most evening he won’t poop (outside). The past few days we’re waking up to a surprize on the floor. He eats twice a day. And has always pooped twice a day. Are we doing something wrong?

Answer #3

put an end of a match up his butt. he should poop it out as it annoys the rectum. breeders do it before shows all the time.

Answer #4

maybe he just doesn’t have to poop… feed him some fruit and veggies and some raisin bran… the fiber will make him poop, and fruit and veggies shouldn’t hurt him.

Answer #5

you’re getting angry at your dog over something he cant control… seek therapy… soon…

and since he pooped once today, is it normal for him to poop several times a day?

Answer #6

ya know TY you can bite me ok. This dog is a little angel with my fiance around but when he goes to work at night he’s a little asshole! So mind your own business!

Answer #7

Fear comes out sideways as anger…is that why you’re angry?

He pooped once, so relax…he will poop again…it takes time for the tablets to get thru his system. Maybe try enticing him to eat some canned pumpkin (not pie filling), but the real stuff, it will soften stools…entice him also, to drink as much water as you can get him to drink…that will help soften the stools, too.

It doesn’t sound to me like you like him much…so my advice about “enticing” him might not apply to you…your fiance might have to do the enticing.


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