Why when you start yawning does everyone else start yawning?

Have you ever notice,when you’re in a room and you start yawning,loads of other people start yawning why is this?does everyone all a sudden become tired or bored all at the same time?

Answer #1

lol yawning may seem contagious but its more or less of a mind thing. normally the more observent will see the yawn and then in return yawn. notice whenever you are in a convorsation about yawning you are tempted to. all yawning is is lack of oxygen to the brain which inmost cases means you are tired but can happon even if you are full of energy. the more you think, hear, or see it the more you will probaly yawn. so no not everyone is tired. one person had to yawn, a bunch of people noticed it, then more started yawning.

Answer #2

I notice that too! its really weird lol. I dont know, maybe its a human mind thing we all do. ?

Answer #3

Yawning may be scientific…

Answer #4

Hey!!I tink that mite bw true.cus I’ve noticedcit too.But maybe it’s what we believe dats why it happens to us.

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