Why is yawning contagious?

Why is it that when we see people yawn, we get the urge to yawn as well? :)

Answer #1

Ooh! I saw this on a science programme!

Apparently, when someone else yawns, we yawn as well, because our subconcious tells us to empathise with the individual who is yawning, by yawning in return.

Interesting, huh? :)

Answer #2


Answer #3

When I saw this question I yawned! HAHA seriously..

Answer #4

Yes! Drives me nuts haha

Answer #5

it doesnt happen to everyone but yes most people will yawn after seeing someone else even if its on tv!

Answer #6

I yawned too. Haha, baldwinwolf I do that too.

Answer #7

I love pulling the “fake yawn” on people- gets everyone yawning. it is really funny on the assembly line.

Answer #8

iunno im tryna figure that out!! lol

Answer #9

Wow, quite interesting lol

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