Why the contradiction from Hilary Clinton about her platform?

Tim Russert and Obama made the point that Hillary refers to her experience at both ends of Pa Ave, yet Bill signed a letter specifically to his library, asking they not release ANY of Hillary’s communications until 2009 - she has said she would have the most ‘open and ethical’ campaign/administration - Why the contradiction ?

Answer #1

Observation: Nixon was hounded for 20 minutes of missing conversations on his tape recorder - wonder if Hillary thinks she can hide 8 years worth of activities (some 3 million documents) - in effect, ‘Im running on my record - but there is nothing I can do to release my records.’

Answer #2

Hmmm…wonder if Hillary knows Huma Abedin…

Answer #3

And the don’t want anyone to remember whitewater.

Answer #4

She’s running for president…if she doesn’t commit a few crimes and lie, then she’s unfit for the job :)

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